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Judge Michael L. Stacey Trust Hospice Heroes

Each month JHCN recognizes a Hospice Hero, an exceptional individual who goes above and beyond as an end-of-life caregiver. Honorees receive their award at the annual Weisberg Caring Coalition Conference.

Hospice Heroes honored at the 2023 Caring Coalition Conference

Mary Williams, March 2024

“I love getting to know my clients and to learn from them the things you won’t find in any history book. My clients become my family and my friends.”

Debby Tukel, February 2024

“Through volunteering at JHCN, I have gained a deeper understanding of life’s fragility, while simultaneously developing a profound appreciation for each person’s life story and the lessons they impart. Serving our community in this role has been a humbling and deeply meaningful experience..”

Aimon Sharif, January 2024

“I became a palliative care nurse practitioner to have a better work-life balance with my daughter. But now not only do I get to spend all this wonderful time with my daughter, I get to meet new people, go into their homes where they’re comfortable, and help them with whatever symptoms they may be suffering from. I have truly found my calling in life!”

Liz Barlow, December 2023

“Although I love nursing, hospice is truly my passion. Each day I can touch and impact families and patients, I am able to comfort, support, and educate — my reasons for becoming a nurse.
To know that I have made a difference is the most intrinsically rewarding feeling in the world!”

Dianne Stabnick, November 2023

“It is so rewarding when I can provide peace and comfort to patients and families at end of life.  And, what an honor it is to be trusted with the care of those who are most vulnerable.”

Dr. Myles Auster, October 2023

“Support and comfort are so important for both patient and loving caregiver in the hospice setting. No one should have to be alone at this difficult time. I am involved as a hospice volunteer for this reason, and for what I learn about myself, and what I learn about the value of a human life with each encounter.

Nichole Lewis, September 2023

“I love leading my team and teaching them to provide excellent hospice care. I believe all patients deserve a dignified and peaceful death with care from a compassionate hospice team.”

Juana Soitoroff, August 2023

“II volunteer for JHCN because the Jewish community has been my family since I arrived in this country. They were generous, kind and opened their arms to me when I didn’t have family in this country. I am originally from Peru. I volunteer because it brings joy to my heart.”

Karen Gordon, July 2023

“As people face the vulnerabilities that can come with aging and end-of-life, I am humbled by their trust in me to listen, guide, and
hold space for their experiences This work has always been my passion, and I am beyond grateful for a career that enables me to be of service to others in such a meaningful way.”

Tracey Proghovnick, June 2023

“Serving older adults in the greater community has been the highlight of my career. I am honored to assist and support families as they navigate through challenging times.”

Jill Bengle, May 2023

“I am committed to the people in our community. Their health and safety mean the world to me.”

Hope Dudek, April 2023

“Working in hospice has given me the opportunity to support families at a critical time. My patients have taught me gratitude and humility. We’ve mourned and laughed together. I learn
something new every day and have borne witness to stories of hardship, survival and love. I love hospice work because it honors
and celebrates life!”

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