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Judge Michael L. Stacey Trust Hospice Heroes

Each month JHCN recognizes a Hospice Hero, an exceptional individual who goes above and beyond as an end-of-life caregiver. Honorees receive their award at the annual Weisberg Caring Coalition Conference.

Hospice Heroes honored at the 2023 Caring Coalition Conference

Jerry Laker

Dr. Gerald Laker, March 2023

“I have a deep appreciation of the conversations and interactions with both the patients and their families and am so thrilled that I am able to offer my heart and energy. I truly gain more than I give.”

Susan Karnack

Susan Karnack, February 2023

“During difficult times the moments of joy become more difficult to achieve and are therefore that much more special. What we do is rarely easy but knowing I am making a difference at the end of someone’s life is an incredible blessing.”

Adil Akhtar

Dr. Adil Akhtar, January 2023

“I believe palliative care and hospice are fields of medicine where one does not choose the specialty, rather, the specialty chooses you. I was drawn to end-of-life care because of the bond established with patients and their families at a time when they are facing a potentially fatal disease.”

Kayla Robert

Kayla Roberts, December 2022

“Although challenging, I find hospice nursing extremely rewarding. It is a gift to make even a small impact on someone during the hardest time. The relationship I build with my patients and their families is priceless.”

Julie Cody

Julie Cody, November 2022

“My position as Volunteer Coordinator has been a gift and it has been life changing. I am so very fortunate to be associated with great patients, families and team members.”

Courtney Perez

Courtney Perez, October 2022

“I feel very rewarded by being able to lend a listening ear or kind words to my patients and families. To bring comfort at this time in someone’s life is one of the best feelings.”

Rhonda Rich

Rhonda Rich, September 2022

“It is both a joy and a privilege to sit with individuals at the end of their life. I get to know them as they are in the present, not necessarily who they were years ago.”

Shirley Grant

Shirley Grant, August 2022

“I have always enjoyed taking care of people.”

Ashley Mooney

Ashley Mooney, July 2022

“Hospice is not my job, it’s my passion. I am privileged and indebted to serve families at one of the most vulnerable moments of the life journey.”

Carolyn Price

Carolyn Price, June 2022

“Working for hospice has been on my bucket list of goals since my own father was a hospice patient 20 years ago. I am honored to play a small part in the patient’s final care.”

Fern Cole

Fern Cole, May 2022

“Death is our only guarantee in life and nothing is more fulfilling to me than being a hospice nurse. To take the journey with my patients & making their transitions as painless as possible for both patients & family is the reason I do what I do.”

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